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Children's Programs

9-1-1 For Kids: Call 433-1916 911

The program teaches young kids ages 4-7 the proper use of 911. The Enhanced 9-1-1 Coordinator works closely with Cumberland County Schools, Head Start Programs and Daycares to inform young children the proper time and manner for calling9-1-1. Contact the Communications Division to schedule the 9-1-1 For Kids presentation.




K-9 and Mounted Patrol DemonstrationsK-9 Demonstrations: Call 433-1847

K-9 DemonstrationThe FPD K-9 Personnel are available on a limited basis for demonstrations. Call at least one month in advance to schedule the patrols for your group.



McGruff McGruff the Crime Dog: Call 433-1033, 433-1034

McGruff the Crime DogMcGruff will make an appearance at your school or function to deliver various crime prevention messages. To book McGruff please contact the Community Affairs Office at least two weeks in advance.






Police Administration Building Tour: Call 433-1847

Horse Stable ToursTours of the Police Administration Building located at 467 Hay Street are available to members of the public. To schedule a tour please contact the Community Relations Specialist at least two weeks in advance. These tours are reserved for groups of 5 or more.



Police Band Roll’RZPolice Band Roll’RZ: Call 433-1847

Police Band Roll’RZThe Roll’RZ is a variety band comprised of active and reserve officers who deliver an anti-drug message to elementary school children. The Roll’RZ also perform at community functions but are booked quickly so call well in advance.




Trading Card Program: Call 433-1847

An innovative public relations program has been started to encourage children to collect police trading cards. The cards bearing the likeness of their favorite police officer help children get to know the police officers assigned to their neighborhoods and encourage the children to interact with police officers. The police officer and the trading cards will communicate a positive message that police officers are their friends. Sponsors are always welcome.


“We Care Bear” Program: Call 433-1847

Research has shown that a teddy bear works well in comforting and calming a child in a traumatic situation. The teddy bear becomes a symbol of faithfulness, trustworthiness, and loyalty to the small child. Often we are involved in traumatic situations where small children are innocent victims or witnesses. To relieve children from stress, the Fayetteville Police Department uses the “We Care Bear” Program.


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