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Residential Programs

Are You OK? Call 433-1849

A computer program automatically calls subscribers at a prearranged time to check on their safety. To register for the program you must be 60 years of age or older, or disabled and live alone, and live in the Fayetteville city limits. Panic buttons for victims of violent domestic crimes that automatically dial a monitoring service upon activation are available. These buttons are issued on a case-by-case basis through the Victim Assistance Program and the CARE Center for Domestic Violence.

Community Watch Program: Call 433-1033, 433-1034 

community watch signThis program is designed to coordinate the Community Watch Programs located throughout the City. An opportunity to work side by side to solve crime and any other problem that needs to be addressed by other City agencies is offered to the Community Watch members. Zone Officers visit with the Community Watch Coordinators at least once a month in the community. The information exchanged aids both the police and the community. For information on how to start a Community Watch Group in your area contact the Crime Prevention Unit.

Is there a Community Watch in your neighborhood? Find out in our alphabetized Community Watch Organizations list.

Homeless Project Officer: Call 433-1846

The Homeless Project Officer is responsible for the identification and classification of homeless persons. This officer assists homeless with identification, meals, shelter, and other basic neccessities. The officer is also responsible for initiating and maintaining trespass agreements for vacant homes, lots and businesses after operating hours to reduce criminal activities in the area.

Operation ID: Call 433-1033, 433-1034

Operation Identification is a program involving all citizens and designed to discourage burglary and theft by permanently identifying valuables in homes and businesses by engraving, photographing, and recording serial numbers and descriptions. Stickers are issued to participants so that would-be thieves know that the property in your home has been inventoried. Should your home be broken in, despite all efforts you have taken, the property inventory provides the necessary information for detailed police report. The property inventory list will greatly assist the Police in recovering your property. To receive Property Inventory Forms and participate in Operation ID contact the Crime Prevention Unit.

Personal/Home SecuritPersonal/Home Security Presentations: Call 433-1033, 433-1034

A Crime Prevention Specialist is available to make Personal and Home Security Presentation to groups interested in learning how to protect themselves and their homes. To schedule a presentation for your group contact the Crime Prevention Unit at least two weeks in advance.






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